The Future of Skincare

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Over the last 20 years our understanding of the human body has changed rapidly. Medical and health care has seen mass innovation, yet the skincare industry hasn’t changed that much. Until now.

The Human Microbiome Project got going in 2008 using brand new scientific techniques to find out much more about the microbes that we have living in and on us (called our microbiome). The results have been astonishing, forever changing the way we should be caring for ourselves.

It didn’t seem to matter where in the body researchers looked, they always found huge numbers of microbes living there. The role of microbes in the intestines has been the area most studied, but there are also very significant microbiomes associated with the skin, the mouth, the nose…and more.

It is now really clear, and widely accepted, that we need our good microbes and that without them, we cannot function optimally – or even at all. Skin conditions (and many other human diseases) are now often seen as imbalances in the microbiome mini-ecosystem. The old philosophy of “kill all the microbes” is being rejected in favour of “nurture the good microbes and reduce the bad microbes”


Esse Moisturisers

A new approach replacing the all-out war on germs is the use of probiotics. Probiotics are live microbes (bacteria), that have a beneficial effect on humans, with uses ranging from preventing or controlling the development of harmful microbes (and related illnesses) to simply being used as a regular boost for healthy individuals.

When we think of probiotics, we have tended to think of something we eat or swallow, but probiotics applied onto the skin have also been scientifically shown to be very effective in treating many skin disorders from eczema to third degree burns. Esse, a biotech skincare company, pioneered the use of this technology to target anti-aging in skin with the introduction of the world’s first true probiotic serum. Containing 1 billion live probiotic microbes per ml (and not requiring refrigeration), this truly was a game-changer. 

Esse Probiotic Serum

The serum initially faced some issues with the import authorities in Europe. Traditional, old import standards would not allow the introduction of products that contain more than 10 microbes per ml in order to protect consumers from poorly preserved creams and lotions. Esse was actively promoting, with pride, the presence of billions of microbes and it took almost a year to clear the product as safe and effective ! Things are definitely changing.

Esse thoroughly tests all products on human volunteers to ensure they are safe and effective (NO animals are EVER used for ingredient or product testing !). The Esse Probiotic Serum was evaluated in independent testing in Europe, showing that it improved skin firmness by an average of 16% in 28 days, with every test subject showing an improvement.
This product is winning awards and has gathered legions of dedicated fans around the world, helping to establish Esse and its extensive and impressive range of products as a leader in global probiotic skin care.


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