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One of our signature products – the Omega Moisturiser – remains a favourite after many years. It has been upgraded to include probiotic extracts in its hydrating, Omega-3 infused formula.
To celebrate this, we’ve launched a limited-edition single-pack, alongside our traditional five-pack option. The single-pack is ideal for gifting, using as an add-on to a facial treatment or to sample a new moisturiser without investing in a five-pack.

Here’s a quick reminder of why these products remain so relevant to optimising the condition of our skin.

Why are Omegas important for the skin?

Our modern diets are deficient in omega oils. These oils are not as stable as saturated oils and they are often removed from products to increase shelf life. Many of the symptoms of omega deficiency show up on skin and the omega moisturisers replenish these essential fatty acids in skin cells. The oils also feed skin’s beneficial microbes, supporting the rewilding process and moving towards a healthy, protective and hydrating microbiome.

What are some of the other benefits of Esse Omega Moisturisers?

Our microbiome-friendly moisturisers provide some additional benefits.

  • They contain prebiotics and probiotic extracts to support a healthy microbiome.
  • The Omega oils replenish the skin and support cellular regeneration.
  • They contain antioxidants for protection against free radicals.
  • True to the Esse ethos, the Omega Moisturisers are certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

What are the 3 Esse Omega Moisturisers?

The Omega Moisturiser range contains three options – Light, Deep and Rich. The limited-edition, 10 mL single-pack is available in all three options, each providing a degree of nourishment tailored for different skin types:

1.      Omega Light Moisturiser

This is a light-textured moisturiser for young or oily skins. The Light Moisturiser is packed with actives, including high levels of Omega-3’s. The level of nourishment is carefully adjusted to leave a matt finish, while still providing the hydration needed by young or oily skin.

2.      Omega Deep Moisturiser

The Deep Moisturiser is developed for normal and combination skin. It provides balanced nourishment, not overloading the skin with oils, while still delivering high levels of Omegas. It acts as an ideal base for make-up, protecting your skin against any external aggressors.

3.      Omega Rich Moisturiser

This rich moisturiser delivers high levels of Omega-3’s, providing the extra nourishment needed by mature and dry skins. The Rich Moisturiser repairs sun damage and provides prebiotic microbiome support, while increasing your skin’s smoothness and making it softer to the touch.

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