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Our philosophy is fairly simple – we do everything that we can to get skin healthy and resistant to the ageing process. We take a long-term view on skin health and don’t make sacrifices for short-term results.

Skin is an ecosystem. There are billions of bacteria living on and below the surface, keep them happy and your skin is happy. Skin concerns arise as a result of a disruption in barrier function - which is kept on track by all those beneficial microbes. We all know a happy gut contains diverse populations of bacteria. The same principle applies to our skin.

We also pay attention to the impact that our business has on the world around us. We are certified organic and support fair trade. We use plant-based ingredients and we’re anti-cruelty supporters. We’re carbon neutral manufacturers and are involved in research to bring new actives to the skincare world.

We don’t see that these commitments place any restriction on producing highly effective products. We’ve yet to see a synthetic ingredient that we think will work better than a natural one.

Esse is certified organic by Ecocert, a European organic certification body. Ecocert enforce minimum organic percentages and ban ingredients that they deem to be unsafe or unsustainable. They audit our production facility and ensure full traceability of all raw materials. Ecocert has been an invaluable way for us to show that we exceed global expectations for organic products.

Esse is accredited by PhytoTrade Africa and supports the Fair Trade movement. This ensures that the raw materials we use are sourced and purchased from rural co-operatives to uplift and empower local communities where possible. PhytoTrade also ensures that the wild harvest is sustainable and doesn’t present a threat to the plant species used.

Esse uses probiotics, prebiotics  and wild-sourced plants that offer excellent protection from the ageing process.

In addition Esse products are biodegradable and free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colourants.

Our products are packaged in toxin free packaging that is easily recycled. Esse is also accredited by Beauty Without Cruelty, PeTA and the Vegan Society.

In short, Esse is an ethical brand that is focused on the real results required by the professional  skincare market. Our products are well understood by therapists as they have  knowledge of the underlying skincare principles that drive our brand. Esse has a full  range of professional, salon sized products, many of which are exclusively available for in-salon use.


    There is a massive consumer-driven movement worldwide toward products that are chemical-free yet highly effective. The natural and  organic skincare market remains the fastest growing segment in skincare.  Consumers are increasingly aware of harmful chemicals and are actively  avoiding them.

    However, avoiding chemicals is no longer sufficient. Customers want cutting-edge, anti-ageing products that deliver results on all skin types but that don’t contain any harmful synthetic ingredients. And they are increasingly tired of false promises and empty claims.

    Esse meets all of these requirements. And more.

    It’s no wonder that Esse is enjoying unprecedented success. It is now available in over 20 countries around the world, including some of the most discerning markets. 


    • Cutting-edge Probiotic skincare without chemicals
    • Effective products for all skin types and challenges, including very sensitive skins
    • Unique anti-ageing active ingredients that really work, naturally
    • Certified high ethical standards : organic, vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade


    The principles governing the Esse brand and our approach to earth and  community care is a philosophy that many salon and spa customers are seeking.

    By stocking and selling Esse, you are setting yourself apart from competitors by offering a unique, world-leading probiotic range while still offering an exceptional and highly effective choice for your clients’ skin.


    • An opportunity to differentiate your salon from competitors
    • Ongoing innovation and new skincare solutions that work, based on modern science
    • Tailored marketing support to help you grow your business
    • Flexible ordering, including opening orders, with stock held in Australia
    • A range of ongoing, convenient and highly flexible training resources that work around your needs
    • An extended Professional range designed for skin treatments your clients will love

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