Professional Products

Esse offers an extensive selection of professional facial and body products to cater for all in-salon treatments.

A large number of the products in the Esse Professional range are exclusively available to approved skincare professionals for use in the client treatment environment (indicated by * in the list below) . The Professional range also includes some exclusive larger pack sizes of Esse retail products. Designated retail products are those shown in detail elsewhere on this website.

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Sensitive Cleanser Soothing and calming
Gel Cleanser Refreshing foaming cleanser
Cream Cleanser Water soluble and non greasy
Refining Cleanser Purifying clay-based cleanser
Eye Make-up Remover

Hydrates while cleansing



Sensitive Toner Probiotic calming mist
Toner Hydrating anti-oxidant mist
Toner Plus Probiotic defence spritz


Hydro Moisturiser Hydrates and protects
Nourish Moisturiser Nourishes and protects
Light Moisturiser Lightweight and mattifying
Deep Moisturiser Medium-weight, balancing
Rich Moisturiser Nourishing and moisturising
Ultra Moisturiser Super-rich and nourishing
Omega Light Brightening and mattifying
Omega Deep Hydrating and softening
Omega Rich Intensely rich and regenerating


Repair Oil Supple skin boost
Eye & Lip Cream Firming and hydrating
Serum Hydrates and plumps
Intensity Ampoule * Intensive wrinkle reduction
Hyaluronic Ampoule * Plumping, soothing and calming
Bright Ampoule * Skin brightening booster
Hydroboost Ampoule * Quick moisture boost
Clarifying Ampoule * Clear and prevent breakouts


Enzyme Exfoliator * Enzymatic & physical exfoliation
Body Exfoliator * Stimulating exfoliation
Hand & Foot Exfoliator * Restorative and stimulating
Cocoa Exfoliator Softens and smoothes
Microderm Exfoliator Polishes and brightens
Body Polish * Refining body polish
Beta Hydroxy Exfoliator * Light peel for getting skin on track


Eye Contour Mask * Advanced, rapid eye treatment
Intensity Mask * Pinnacle in anti-ageing treatments 
Omega Mask * Bio-available omega skin supplement
Gel Mask * Normalises seborreic skin
Anti-Cellulite Mask * Stimulates lipolysis
Detox Body Mask * Powerful draining action
Hand & Foot Mask * Swollen foot relief
Cream Mask Antioxidant rich repair
Clay Mask Detoxifies without drying


Facial Massage Cream * Nourishing and protective
Body Massage Cream * Superior slip for Swedish type massage
Body Massage Gel * Ideal traction for deep tissue massage


Anti-Ageing Galvanic Gel * Improves elasticity
Sensitive Galvanic Gel * Stimulates cell defence


Light Body Moisturiser Lightweight and hydrating
Rich Body Moisturiser Nourishes and firms