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30 Day Rewild Pack

Five exceptional products in limited edition sizes
Super-effective. Ultra gentle. Also highly recommended for extra sensitive skins

In the pack are
> Sensitive Cleanser 50ml  –  soothing, effective, ultra gentle cleansing
> Sensitive Toner 50ml  – refreshing, calming mist
> Nourish Moisturiser 30ml  – super nourishing, calms and protects
> Resurrect Serum 12ml  – plumping & hydrating, combats signs of ageing
> Protect Oil 12ml  –  shields, protects and nourishes

Pack Expiry : August 2023

To learn more about Rewilding, see below.  Also read our blogs about your skin microbiome, skin probiotics and more HERE.
For full product details, please refer to individual product pages.

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This sustainable skincare regime helps bring out your skin’s best version of itself, all presented in a compact, simple rewilding starter pack.

For best results, cut out other skincare products (and make-up if possible*) and allow your skin and its microbiome get back towards their naturally preferred, balanced state.
The products in in the pack are, of course, considerate of even the most sensitive skin types. However, because a change in skincare routine can result in a form of detox, your skin might not seem too happy at first. This is completely normal and for the most part, a serious withdrawal is unlikely if you take it slowly. To get started, use only the cleanser, toner, and moisturiser for the first 5 days. If your skin is happy, introduce the Protect Oil and, after a week, treat your skin to a boost of actives with the Resurrect Serum. From here you can continue with the full routine.

Restore the natural balance.
Healthy, balanced skin looks better and ages slower.

* If you can’t avoid make-up, we suggest an Esse probiotic foundation to avoid compromising the change in products. Other make-up elements should be kept to a minimum. Esse Foundations also provide SPF30 protection for your skin. Ask us if you’d like to try some Esse foundation samples.