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There’s much more to a quality foundation product than simple coverage. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing the right foundation for your skin:
1. Sun protection

While exposure to sunlight is important for the skin through the provision of Vitamin D, overexposure can lead to skin damage and premature ageing. A quality foundation will include natural sun protection, using ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays.

2. Even complexion

Foundation covers skin blemishes, providing a smoother finish and a healthy glow. One with natural coverage will improve your skin tone and leave you with an even complexion. Ingredients included in some quality foundations also act to actively improve the underlying skin tone, increasing your natural radiance.

3. Complement your skincare

More than just a cosmetic product, your foundation should actively improve your skin health, working into your daily skincare routine. The best foundation is one you don’t have to rely on forever.

4. Anti-ageing properties

Your foundation can act as an effective barrier to stop pathogens and pollutants from making a home on the skin’s surface. This helps to reduce free radical damage and the accelerated ageing that these particles can cause.


What sets Esse foundation apart?

– Esse is the first foundation designed to improve your skin’s microbiome. The pre- and probiotics formulated into the product support the growth of healthy microbes on your skin.

– Esse’s foundation includes its signature BIOME+ technology which hydrates, protects and repairs your skin, while providing a natural and buildable coverage for improved skin tone. In addition, it has a SPF of 30, protecting you from UV damage.

– It contains a powerhouse of ingredients, including 1 million tyndallised probiotic bacteria per ml. This combination positively shifts the skin’s microbiome, strengthens barrier function and provides antioxidant protection.

– Esse’s foundation is available in 10 shades. The pigment is blended using plant-wax-coated natural iron oxides and titanium oxide, which limits the skin’s exposure to chemicals.

– Esse is committed to sustainable solutions, which is why all its foundation products are certified organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The brand is also carbon neutral and plastic neutral.


How to find the right foundation colour for your skin?

With so many brands available, finding the right foundation for your skin can be quite overwhelming and finding the perfect colour match can be a challenge. Esse offers 10 shades to cover the full spectrum of skin tones. The colours are also forgiving and blend well across warm, neutral and cool undertones.

The tips below will provide some useful information to make your colour selection easier.

–          Use natural lighting

When testing foundation colours on your skin, make sure you’re near a window or somewhere bathed in natural light. Department store lighting or subdued salon lighting may not provide enough clarity for making a well-informed colour choice. You should also test foundation on your face and neck area to ensure that the colour is matched to the areas in which you’ll be using the product.

–          Know your skin type

Before you can determine the foundation colour, you must have a clear understanding of your skin type as this will factor into the type of foundation you use. A dewy foundation is better suited to skin that ranges from normal to dry, while a matte foundation is best for skin types from combination to oily.

–          Consider the seasons

Although you might have found the right foundation colour for your skin tone in winter, this might need to be re-evaluated in the warmer months, as your skin tans. This impacts the skin tone and could see you wearing something a bit darker during spring and summer.

–          Work with skincare professionals

When it comes to choosing the right skin routine, there are a lot of things to consider which is why it’s often best to consult with an industry professional.


Find your foundation shade within Esse’s range and prioritise your natural skin.

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